About Ash

Ash is 22 years old and was born in Nottingham, England but has lived in Heanor, Derbyshire all of her life.

She became interested in writing at a very young age – short stories at first and then found her love of poetry in her teen years. Since then, poetry has been her true passion and the main focus of her career.

Today, Ash’s poetry tends to explore dark areas of life where others dare not go. She is particularly interested in writing raw, emotional pieces that will stay in our memories beyond the page. Her biggest influences are: Charles Bukowski, Raymond Carver, Stephen King and David Bowie.

Here on Ash Watson Poetry, you can read some of her poetry and short fiction as well as stay up to date with projects she is currently working on.

Ash’s debut poetry collection, Wallflower is available on Amazon, Amazon Kindle and Createspace.

Wallflower is a journey through self-discovery to the realisation of the world around you. It is a greeting to those with a fear of belonging, an invitation to outsiders looking in, warm hugs to anyone who has ever loved and lost. A collection of twenty-one poems, brought to you by a fistful of passion from a chaotic mind.


“A beautiful collection.” ★★★★★

“A wonderful array of writing, draws you right in! A fantastic writer!” ★★★★★

“Ash Watson conjures a fantastic picture with an agile mind and expeditious pen. Well written, clear, and engaging. Would recommend to anyone looking for an up-and-coming writer of considered poetry.” ★★★★★

“I thought this selection of poems were quirky, honest and full of emotion. I could relate to the poems relating to the local connection , they made me giggle and the beautiful, emotional poetry was very exciting to read, they made me blush slightly. My favourite was despair was born before me. This was extremely open and honest.” ★★★★★

“Very real feel about the poetry as well as being very relatable. Extremely well written, descriptive and full of emotion!! I wanted more though!!!” ★★★★

“Wallflower is an entertaining collection from a talented writer capable of bringing the reader into the work as though your there. You can read the poems and see through her eyes about the home she shares and the world she lives in. I highly recommend Wallflower to ANYONE who enjoys outstanding talent!” ★★★★★

“Ash Watson creates not just a visual ambiance but uniquely envokes emotion in a style that truly captures the mind and heart of the modern world.” ★★★★★