As promised, I have a couple of black out poems for you guys today. I know it’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these but it was the case of clearing up some time in my schedule.

Nevertheless, here is some blackout poetry that you may/may not like. Either way, I want to hear your opinions in the comment section below this blog.

The Thunder

I remember those summer nights –
how the darkness would take forever to come,
standing at the open window.
There was a wonderful temporary hush
and, a few moments later,
the thunder.

Ocean Eyes

Cup of coffee.
Lip-stick marks.
I had never thought
to ask the question.
She was, in that moment,
something separate from me.
Soft skin – soft without help.
Ocean eyes.
They were bottomless
in a way that I found frightening.
Her eyes were oceans.
I had my whole life to understand them.

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