Today’s blog is a piece of microfiction that focuses on a new character I’ve been working on. I ocassionally like to write a little microfiction but with this character I’m enjoying the anger and the fiestiness. I’m kind of tempted to expand a little bit – maybe to a short story?

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Whilst Mam was pregnant with me, ‘Dad’ thought it would be a clever idea to overdose on a class ABC drug cocktail. In the last 25 years, Mam worked 2-3 jobs at a time at various local businesses that enjoyed taking a steaming hot shit on her ego. I would watch her come and go, see the light in her, what were, tired eyes when she reminded me of how much I look like my father. She only has one photo and although I know what she means, I feel like I couldn’t ever be like anybody I’ve never met – and she didn’t know him all that long either. Not long enough to know he was a complete junkie anyway. I guess I’m mad at him, which you might have picked up on. It just pisses me off because I figured he didn’t want to meet me, and he didn’t care if Mam was left in the shit… which she was.

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Wallflower is a journey through self-discovery to the realisation of the world around you. It is a greeting to those with a fear of belonging, an invitation to outsiders looking in, warm hugs to anyone who has ever loved and lost. A collection of twenty-one poems, brought to you by a fistful of passion from a chaotic mind.

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