Thursdays seem to be really popular here on Ash Watson Poetry. You guys must love a good throwback. This week, I re-blogging my poem ‘Denim Dreams’. It’s another one of my favourite pieces so I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Denim Dreams

I love the way you cling onto my jacket as we kiss;
your fists clenched, fingers twisted round sleeves,
and knuckles love-punching into denim dreams.

When did I spill half a pint of lager down my jeans?
Was it before or after I went stumbling down the street
in hopes for an early night, but never coming close to sleep?

Instead I built some walls out of poetry books, wondering
about Bukowski, when he writes life, what he really means.
And that was the perfect end to a weekend night for me.

And I might have wandered home alone in the dark
but I’m tired of this scavenger hunt for your heart.
With your sudoku eyes, I was doomed from the start.
Besides, I’m more of a crossword puzzles kind of person.
I go searching for the meanings behind the art.

But I still love the way you kiss, clinging to me with fists,
and around the sleeves your fingers dance and twist,
with knuckles love-punching into denim dreams.

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