And the poet said “I shall take part in writerly challenges’,

and with that, I attempted to write a poem using only 30 words.

Now, I usually write pretty short pieces. I’m one for getting straight to the point… most of the time. But having to stick to 30 words crippled me slightly. I did, however, attempt it. And it is a poem. And it uses 30 words.


Eyes speak louder
than the mouth,
but the mouth
is destructive.
And it comes
with bravery;
and the weakness
of an inability to cope
in a world of silence.

And now I challenge YOU. Readers/writers/poetry enthusiasts, you have 30 words. Do with them what you will and share them in the comments. I want to feature some of your pieces for my next guest writer blog in August. Looking forward to reading them!

If you’re interested in reading more of my work, you can see dribs and drabs on the site and in previous blogs. If you’re extra adventurous/generous, you can purchase a copy of my debut poetry collection ‘Wallflower’ here.

Wallflower is a journey through self-discovery to the realisation of the world around you. It is a greeting to those with a fear of belonging, an invitation to outsiders looking in, warm hugs to anyone who has ever loved and lost. A collection of twenty-one poems, brought to you by a fistful of passion from a chaotic mind.

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