For my 100th blog this week, I annouced a competition. Well, it was kind of a competition. I wanted to celebrate the achievement with a free signed copy of my first poetry collection, ‘Wallflower’. I asked you guys to comment on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. the name of your favourite poem or poet so I could choose a winner tonight.

I was going to choose a comment at random but there was a comment on Instagram yesterday that reminded me of something.

There are days I can sit in my office, wasting hours in front of a computer screen or staring at a blank page in my notebook because I can’t think of the words. And I’d get upset. Angry, even. I’d get frustrated. And scared. All because I worry I had chosen the wrong career, or that this goal I have is so far-fetched that I don’t even know why I bother. And guys, it is hard. Sometimes it feels like I am always working and honestly, between two jobs and daily blogs, I think that often is the case. But I also think nobody got anywhere without hard work. I fight for what I want. This comment just reminded me of why I do this. It reminded me that it is all worth it. And that it always will be.


nic_nac07, thank you. I will be in touch shortly in regards to getting you your free copy. All the love.

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