It’s National Poetry Day. And yes, I know, it feels like there’s a special day for everything these days. I mean come on, ‘National Unicorn Day, National Hug Your Cat Day’…

Yes, apparently these things exist.

National Poetry Day however, I’m happy to celebrate and it’s a great feeling to know that across the UK, people might just pick up a poetry book and indulge in some beautiful verse, even if it’s just for today, just for the hell of it, because POETRY is something to celebrate.

I may be biased but… just read some poetry today, OK?

You can start with mine. I blogged this poem a few months back and you guys seemed to enjoy, so here it is again. This is ‘EMBRACE THE PAIN, IN FACT, BUY IT A DRINK.”


We all slur love lyrics like bible quotes at a stranger’s funeral,
letting those beautiful words dance in the back of your mind,
where the darkness resides, but creating a spotlight, right?

Know this…

I don’t write shitty poetry to escape an inner pain,
I write poetry to embrace an inner pain, because it’s all I have.
And fine words come from the finest heartbreak, love.

You are a beautiful disaster, like the rain after a storm.
And you have washed away my being, completely.
I am a rotten, forgotten-about scratch card at the side of the road,
a modern footprint-ridden, worthless backend of a gamble.
And I’ve come to understand, I’m obviously not worth the risk.
I’m obviously not something you’re able to handle.

And you, you’re something else entirely.
You can’t embrace the pain that comes with love.
You tremble in fear and throw away anything good.

Could have been a winning scratch card, you know.
Could have been a beautiful disaster, like the storm.
Could have been something better than the finest heartbreak.


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