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‘FRANKIE’ by Annie Jones

It was an absolute privilege to work on Annie Jones’ sequel ‘Frankie’. From start to finish it wasn’t just a story, it was a journey – a journey that I feel most of us take at least once in our lifetime. It is a journey of love, the loss of love and the grief the follows, passion, lust, friendship, power and fight.

Available now on Amazon.

“The next chapter to Annie Jones’ novel ‘Lennie’… now we see the world through the eyes of Frankie… ” “

Frankie, a woman of independence and stubborn pride, keeps her walls up and keeps them high, protecting herself from the ghosts of her past… BUT, can she resist the charms of the young and comical Jamie, and his attempts to break through her barriers? As their relationship progresses, her ice-queen persona starts to melt, and she battles to keep her emotions protected. But, after a string of strange events, she begins to question everything and doubt everyone. Caught in chaotic confusion between the man she has fallen for, the ex that broke her heart, and the old flame that has re-entered her life, Frankie starts to make some questionable decisions… and must face the consequences.”


“It’s like reading about friends you’ve known for years.” ★★★★★

“My only criticism of this book is that I lost a weekend reading it. I just didn’t want to put it down.” ★★★★★

“Lennie was good, Frankie is brilliant!” ★★★★★

“Can’t recommend this enough and missed a lot of sleep because I could not put it down. I’d give it 100 stars if I could.” ★★★★★



LENNIE by Annie Jones

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Annie Jones on her debut novel ‘Lennie’.

Available now on Amazon.

“Whether I liked it or not, I was his mistress; his bit on the side… and it scared the life out of me.”

“Had I fallen in love with a man that just used me for sex?” It was the usual shift at the local coffee shop in Fernberry – Lennie loathing every moment under the watchful eye of her dreadful boss – that is, until, a handsome stranger becomes a regular customer… and a downward-spiralling event of chaos. Robert was charming, sexy, wealthy and the excitement Lennie craved from her monotonous day-to-day routines… but he was considerably older… and unavailable. After their passionate love affair ends abruptly, Lennie is left heartbroken. Luckily, best friend and partner-in-crime Adam comes to her rescue and Lennie begins to recover from the only love she has ever known. However, in a cruel and unexpected twist of fate, Robert re-enters Lennie’s life and throws her into turmoil. Suddenly there’s a dark and dangerous secret beneath the surface, and Lennie must decide just how far she will go to protect the person she loves.


“‘Lennie’ is something else entirely. A stunning, original and addictive page-turner that leaves you curious to the beautiful chaos that is love, life and everything else. Highly recommended.” ★★★★★

“What a brilliant read this was. Wonderful characters and a fab storyline. Will definitely be buying more of Annie’s work.” ★★★★★

“I loved it. The characters were all so well rounded, easy to picture and to relate too. The location seemed both idyllic and familiar I could picture everything right down to the pictures on the mantle piece.” ★★★★★



Commemorating 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality in the UK, this event will be featuring new works of poetry on the themes of looking back, looking at life now, and to what LGBT+ life might be like in 50 years time. I’ll be performing a set at Quad in Derby city centre between 7 and 8pm, alongside some amazing poets – including Dan Webber, Sophie Sparham & many more.

Free entry with donations on the door.



Wordwise #7 [March 31st 2017]

Word Wise is the concept of poet and performer Jamie Thrasivoulou who will compere and run the evenings. It’s a new spoken word and poetry night uniting the best talent from around the UK and beyond, with Derby’s finest performers. I’ll be performing a set between 7-11pm, alongside some great performers including: Dean Atta, Jim Hall and Milla Tebbs.



WALLFLOWER BOOK LAUNCH [October 11th 2016]

Furthest from the Sea are hosting a book launch for my debut collection as a part of their monthly poetry evening ‘LGBT Qwerty’. LGBT Qwerty is a spoken word and variety night featuring members of Derbyshire’s LBGTQ+ community, presented by Furthest from the Sea Music, Comedy & Arts in association with The Maypole Cafe, Bar and Theatre, Twisted Tongues and Derbyshire LGBT+.

Get down to The Maypole Cafe, Bar & Theatre in Derby. 7.30-10.30pm. £3 entry.



National Poetry Day [October 6th 2016]

To celebrate National Poetry Day, I’ll be down at The Local Studies Library in Derby performing some poems from my debut poetry collection ‘Wallflower’. Students and lecturers from The University of Derby will also be performing.

Local Studies Library, Derby. Free entry. 7-9pm.



Duffield Arts Festival [September 17th 2016]

As part of the first ever Duffield Arts Festival, Poet and Spoken word performer Jamie Thrasivoulou will be holding a FREE hour-long workshop around the theme of discovery. This will be followed by a live event with some of Derbyshire’s finest performers.

Free entry. 7.30-10.30pm at The Kings Head in Duffield.