Having graduated from The University of Derby in 2016 with a First Class Honours in Creative Writing, Ash now works as a full-time writer, producing content for various online businesses and companies across the UK. Currently based in Nottinghamshire, Ash's passions not only reside in writing but also the local community which thrives in creativity, especially poetry and spoken word. In her spare time, Ash produces her own poetry, short fiction and songwriting, as well as spending time with her better half and their sausage-shaped son, Parker. 


In 2016, Ash released her debut poetry collection: Wallflower. This is a short collection of 21 poems, all written and edited during her time at university. It reveals an in-depth look at life from the sidelines, blending into a fast-paced city life in which we feel left behind. As well as tasters here on her website, you can also order the collection now from Amazon.

For any other information, do not hesitate to get in touch.