By Annie Jones

“Whether I liked it or not, I was his mistress;

his bit on the side… and it scared the life out of me.”


“Had I fallen in love with a man that just used me for sex?”


It was the usual shift at the local coffee shop in Fernberry - Lennie loathing every moment under the watchful eye of her dreadful boss – that is, until, a handsome stranger becomes a regular customer… and a downward-spiralling event of chaos.  Robert was charming, sexy, wealthy and the excitement Lennie craved from her monotonous day-to-day routines… but he was considerably older… and unavailable.


After their passionate love affair ends abruptly, Lennie is left heartbroken. Luckily, best friend and partner-in-crime Adam comes to her rescue and Lennie begins to recover from the only love she has ever known.


However, in a cruel and unexpected twist of fate, Robert re-enters Lennie’s life and throws her into turmoil. Suddenly there's a dark and dangerous secret beneath the surface, and Lennie must decide just how far she will go to protect the person she loves.