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Reflections by Sean Haughton: A Review

The poems of Sean Haughton’s ‘Reflections’, reflects, in itself, zen on a page. Immediately from the first glimpse of the cover, we’re invited into a solitude, somewhere beneath the trees, where leaves are the only sound, and the poems are your only friend. And as we flip the book over, we are introduced…

Fifty Poems. Reflections on life, family, memories and the world around us. On mental health, heartbreak, and stories that have inspired so many. These poems bare the soul of the author. What you take from them, and how you perceive them, is entirely up to you.

From first impressions, I notice the look and feel of the book is beautifully presented. It’s simple, but effective, with decent imagery, colour, and a smooth matt feel. Being a classic A5 size, it’s a pleasure to hold, and the contents itself is in a large font that is not only tidy but easy on the eye.

As for the poetry, Haughton possesses a rhythmic and precise style of writing. The poems, when written, were well thought about and have the ability to take you deeper beneath the words. One particular piece comes to mind is: Chronic Suicidal Thoughts.

“You stand and take in the breeze, And you can truly feel alive, How ironic, some might say, To feel alive before you die.”

I found myself trapped in a thought, that there just may be an element of truth to this. Surely, we could not feel more alive, than in the moment we are about to die. It’s a scary suggestion, and although wincing at certainties, it is one of the most genuine I’ve ever heard.

Not only does Haughton trap you in these thoughts, but his poems are also relatable above anything else. You find yourself between these lines, telling yourself, ‘I’ve been there.’ and ‘I know that feeling.’

One of my favourite pieces conveying this is: A Quiet Mess.

“You really can’t help but laugh, At this life I have come to live, Not a single grey in sight, Yet there’s nothing left to give.”

I too, have felt older than my time, on many occasions. And I’m certain this isn’t uncommon. When it feels as though the world is moving on and leaving you behind, this poem a hand of your shoulder, telling you, I haven’t quite got it together yet either. And that’s okay.

Overall, I want to say that this collection is a calm and collected selection of poems, and truly impressive for a first publication. I’d recommend the collection to any reader who, not only has a love for discovering hidden gems, but also appreciates the thoughts and experiences that bleed into a good poem.



Sean Haughton is an independent author & blogger, based in Manchester. So far he has published "Reflections: Fifty Poems", "Guided by the Ghosts" and "The Secret In The Breeze".

You can find Sean on Twitter, on Instagram and on Goodreads.

Additionally, you can also head to his blog.

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