• Ash

The Most I’ve Said All Week

Here we go, hand in hand,

turning corners, steering into the same old patterns,

still the only firefly on the road using the air as its wings.

In a moment like that, all of my windows open,

and I begin to see my lungs inflate.

So we just sit with our bodies for a while,

thinking about what could become of us.

And then I realise, this is the most I’ve said all week,

pouring my heart out to the steering wheel

and the candlelight of the dashboard.

And I hold my breath when I go under the bridge,

like it could crush me completely.

Of course it can’t, because I hold my breath.

To feel alive, I would swallow the cool November air,

clench my white knuckles around the sky, break

finger bones tapping rhythm to the drums of the night.

If only such a groove like this could exist,

I would be in tune with absolutely everything.

So we just sit with our bodies for a while.

And finally, firefly, we dance.

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