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Woman: Behind The Cover

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But let’s be honest, we do don’t we? Not in the metaphorical sense in which we see a person, and assume you have their whole life story figured out in the first five seconds, but more in the way a piece of art is perceived. It’s that first impression that counts.

As I announced my second collection of poetry, I went straight in with a cover reveal. Mostly because, in those first few seconds of seeing it, you get an immediate feeling of everything Woman is about.

I wanted to take a second to mention my extreme awe and gratitude to the photographer behind this cover.

Isabella Mariana is a hugely talented photographer based in Brazil, who specialises in surreal and dreamlike shots. I’ve been a fan of Isabella’s for a while now, long before my search for a photographer began, and long before Woman was even in the works. I was immediately taken back by the way her creativity captures emotion in a completely imaginative way, reminding me of my love for the medium.

“With or without manipulation, [my] photography allows you to levitate, have wings, portray giant objects - all in order to help express feelings, make suggestions or simply sketch a critical eye. [I always go] beyond the conventional, treating the photographed objects in an optimistic/playful way, however melancholy the subject.”

I reached out to Isabella and told her about my collection, who was more than happy for me to use her artwork for the cover.

Isabella, I couldn’t be more thankful for everything you do, and I cannot wait to finally see Woman in print.


See more of Isabella’s work on her website, as well as her Facebook and Pinterest.

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